Due to the nature of our products, we do not accept exchanges or returns. 

Refund Policy Update: Damaged or Broken Items. We want to inform you of a recent update to our refund policy concerning damaged or broken items shipped via Australia Post. Please take note of the following changes:
  1. Inspection Required: To be eligible for a refund or compensation, damaged or broken items must be physically presented at your local post office for inspection. This ensures a firsthand assessment by Australia Post.
  2. Do Not Discard: Please refrain from discarding the damaged item until the inspection process is completed. This is crucial for eligibility and a seamless reimbursement process.
  3. No Photo Submissions: Australia Post no longer accepts photos or images of damaged items for reimbursement. The physical item must be presented for inspection.
Mud Organics is committed to assisting you throughout this process to ensure a swift and satisfactory resolution. For further assistance or inquiries, please contact our customer service team at

If your item has arrived damaged, please kindly email us at